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GSTR1 XLS format definition

Table Name: Invoice outward

Table Code: inv

S. No Column Name Column Description
Full Value Sample Value  
2 Invoice TypeCode   B2B-Sale to Registered Person , B2C-Sale to Unregistered Person , EXP-Export , CDN-Credit / Debit Note
3 inv_typ B2B Invoice Type R-Regular B2B Invoices , DE-Deemed Exports , SEWP-SEZ Exports with payment , SEWOP-SEZ exports without payment
4 Zero Rated_type Zero Rated Type nil-Nil rated, expt-Exempted, ngsup-Non GST
5 sply_ty Nature of Supply INTER-Inter State Supplies , INTRA-Intra State Supplies
6 inum Invoice number  
7 idt Invoice date Y/N
8 PartyName Name of Customer  
9 ctin GSTIN/UID of Customer
10 pos State of supply (may be different than state of receipient)
11 rchrg Is reverse charge mechanism applicable? Y-Yes,N-No
12 val Invoice Value
13 num Sr No for Item Details HSN
14 hsn_sc HSN or SAC of Goods or Services  
15 desc Description of goods sold  
16 uqc UQC (Unit of Measure) of goods sold  
17 qty Quantity of goods sold  
18 BasicRate Unit Rate of goods sold  
19 txval Taxable value Item Details
20 rt Rate  
21 iamt IGST Tax Amount  
22 camt CGST Tax Amount  
23 samt SGST Tax Amount  
24 csamt Cess Amount  
25 txpd Amount of Advance to be adjusted  
26 etin GSTIN of E-commerce Operator (if applicable)   e-Commerce
27 ex_tp With / Without payment of GST WPAY-With payment of GST, WOPAY- Without payment of GST Export
28 sbnum Shipping Bill No. or Bill of Export No  
29 sbdt Shipping Bill Date. or Bill of Export Date  
30 otin Original Invoice CTIN Amended Invoice Details
31 ntty Is this a Credit Note / Debit Note / Refund Voucher? A-Amendment , C-Credit Note , D-Debit Note , R-Refund Voucher
32 oinum Original Invoice Number  
33 oidt Original Invoice Date  

Table Name: Customer Master

Table Code : cust

S. No Column Name Column Description
Full Value Sample Value  
1 PartyCode Customer Code    
2 PartyName Name of Customer  
4 Address Address  
5 City City  
6 Pincode PINcode
7 State State  
8 PhNum Phone  

Table Name: Advance Payments

Table Code : Adv

S. No Column Name Column Description
Full Value Sample Value  
1 gstin GSTIN / UIN of Taxpayer   Payment Voucher Header
2 doc_num Document number
3 doc_dt Document date
4 PartyName Name of Customer
5 ctin GSTIN / UIN of customer  
6 pos State of supply(may be different than state of receipient) UP-Uttar Pradesh
7 ad_amt Amount of Advance received   Item Details
8 rt Rate  
9 iamt IGST Tax Amount  
10 camt CGST Tax Amount  
10 samt SGST Tax Amount  
6 csamt Cess Amount